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What Venezuela is teaching us – lessons for eternity…

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Lately there is one question repeating itself, which makes us more and more meditative….

“Do you still like living in Venezuela?”

There is something interesting in the answer, and it is not simple, neither complex, it is indeed deeper, and really “spiritual” reflection.

Each day that we spend more in Venezuela, our beliefs, principles and values are stronger. The difficulties make us see huge opportunities for our family. The San Francisco Prayer means more right now (see above in yellow card)…


In any other circumstances, our family would never be so united.

In any other circumstances, our family would never need to be so strong in our faith and in our self judgment.

We are learning to value small things; one Saturday night watching movies, in our living room, with pop corn, cola and sweets is great! One breakfast together cooking and having fun, is better!! Even better is singing together any Brazilian music and teaching the kids Portuguese!

The kids ask a lot, doubt a lot, and see things that no other children will do, is it bad? No, this is a huge opportunity, depending on how you handle and “juggle” with the subject – we learn to be better parents, to answer more adequately, to give the right attention to their questions.

We finally are really being vegetarian!!! The good food is the one that we are able to cook with the magic ingredients we are able to have in our shelves, we have never valued good food as now…

Also we are able to find good in anything, we finally really understand the meaning of “look the positive side”, and really see how important it is for you to build resilience.

Paradigms – we are breaking them… we are learning that being flexible, but knowing your values is something that sometimes seems impossible (being flexible with your principles and keep values?), then we have a challenge, a real one, a REAL one, not what normal people have, and then we learn that, to be able to be flexible and keep our values, we have to look for the greater good, looking for the results in long term, but not leaving the short term, otherwise you will have no short, neither long term… Ambiguity? Complexity? This is our daily learning!!! Who would ask for something else?

Our family is learning what is to have unconditional love, but really unconditional… if you say you love – then take this… Bummm something happens that makes you look again to everything and then you have to look deep inside yourself and your hearth and ask – is this the size of sacrifice I would do for what I love – AHA…. Didn’t you tell that you had unconditional love????

Yes, unconditional love, unconditional commitment – this has been the biggest learning I think I will take forever. This is the kind of love you tell you have for your kids, but is it really unconditional??? Just one question – would you ever be able to be alive if any of your kids would tell that he/she loves someone else more than they love you – and not a partner, not their children… If you have a love for your children that is jealous, that is possessive, then it is not unconditional love… The really unconditional love for your children is loving them despite of any choices they have, despite of any love they have for someone else, any decisions they make – the real unconditional love, is the kind of love, that you do not ask anything back, you, indeed, do not expect anything, you simply do everything that you really think is the best for them, not protecting them, but making them independent and being ready to live one day without you, because believe me, they will have to do so…

On this same logic – what is then unconditional love for a country??????? Would you do whatever you could to make it improve, without any expectation? Without any judgment, helping and supporting whatever is needed, keeping your beliefs and simply looking for what will make this nation stronger? Would you be able to leave some battles that seem to be important, but they are not adding up for the future of your country? Are you able to see what will make you leave a legacy? Are you able to do something without any expectation, and simply for the sake of seeing your country having a future?

Yes, I love being in Venezuela, with and despite everything – my secret – I really believe that these years here in Venezuela will finally build the human being I will be, the “old lady” I will, Venezuela will end up building the greater part of the picture I will be when I die. …and I want to take each second, each lesson from these period and build a better human being from myself and all my family, learning to be happy from inside, not needing anything else, and knowing that when you love something, you just live for it, and do never forget who you are and what is your mission here in this life…

Yes, I do know I have to be here right now and I do not regret one second being here, indeed I thank God for placing me here right now! Venezuela is already part of me, Venezuela gave me my family…

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Resilience – last learnings….

Lately, the most used, remembered word, has been resilience…

Different coaches, different people, have given different definitions, but my preferred one is :

“From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Psychological resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. Stress and adversity can come in the shape of family or relationship problems, health problems, or workplace and financial worries, among others.[1] Resilience is not a rare ability; in reality, it is found in the average individual and it can be learned and developed by virtually anyone. Resilience should be considered a process, rather than a trait to be had.[2]

There is a common misconception that people who are resilient experience no negative emotions or thoughts and display optimism in all situations. Contrary to this misconception, the reality remains that resiliency is demonstrated within individuals who can effectively and relatively easily navigate their way around crises and utilize effective methods of coping.[3][4][5][6] In other words, people who demonstrate resilience are people with optimistic attitude and positive emotionality; they are by practice able to effectively balance negative emotions with positive ones.[1]

I love this definition, because it does not tell that you have to smile always, it does not tell you that you have to be ever happy – but, following the definition of my daughter – “It is when Ms Happiness is able to make Mr Sadness or Mr Fury smile…” meaning, you know what is making you sad or angry, but you are also able to see a smile there, an opportunity…

Another nice thought about resilience is being able to see each fall, each difficulty as the brick that builds the building stronger… You will not hide the “scars” made by the hurtful event, but you will show it elegantly and with proud, because it is the charm to share your fights and your survival!

But better than this is to understand and be aware that being resilient is not a gift, it is not coming from the genes, but it is result of efforts, building habits and mainly being able to manage your emotions correctly…

ūüôā I am in my way to learn how to build it, I feel I have to be an expert on resilience so I can be an example and I can help whoever needs, but indeed, now I am having so many role models in my work, in my life, in my children, that I am sure that I will turn to be a very resilient person by “osmosis”…

Right now, just by walking through the corridors through my workplace, praying with my children every night, living day after day, finding thousand things to be thanking for when I wake up, have been the best way to feel resilient!

To close, I share a phrase that I have remembered in many different moments when my soul does not allow me to be a learner instead of being a judger – when I have to put my neurones to activate their synapses to work – brain work, not heart work – rationalising a fact that irritates me…

“It is not the fact itself which irritates you , it is the judgment you make of it, it is your interpretation, your perspective of the fact that makes you irritated, not the fact…”

So learn – whatever you feel about something is not about this something, it is about how you are seeing it…..

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We know our friends when we need them, also our employer, our company!!

What kind of company do you want to work for when you lead a country full of challenges????

My choice is for a company with values, strong values, and which most valuable asset is people – costumer or employee.

I have learned the hard way how to value a company, while I was in interviews, for my actual company, one of the last interviews, the interviewer has given me the perfect answer, the wished answer, the dream answer for the question “How do you take decision here in the company, how do you advise me to take decision when I am in doubt”, the answer was “Always ask what is the best for the patients, and you will know the right answer….”.

This answer was key – I knew that the company was known for being decentralised, quick decision making and with great focus on patients and employees, but a company is a company, however, my hearth wanted to follow the goodness, I wanted to work following my hearth, I needed a lot to have new dreams, new hopes and new believes, so I joined them!

My expectations were high, as were my fears, I was very much afraid of disappointing the new team, the new boss, the new group, were I ready to come to such a company? I was too much “clustered”, living a centralised world where decisions were taken on your behalf, and for each decision you had more than 4 levels or superiors to align. I remember during my first 6 months, after calling my boss for many little decisions, my boss told me “Lara, feel free to take the decisions alone, and if you feel more comfortable, send me a mail for information, you are general manager of the country, you are responsible so you have the freedom to lead it as you wish I am here to support in case of doubt or a decision which you feel like to discuss…”  hmmmmm…. was it real?

Well, surprise after surprise, you get used, and it is very easy to get used to be really able to lead a country, to be trusted and to be supported, I started to understand why the executives here were so professional, so creative, so diverse, but also so so so committed.

The result of having so much freedom and being fully responsible and accountable to your business, is that it makes you also care more for the decisions, the strategy, the results, so the trust will not be broken, and you want also to make your team stronger, since you need all right information to get to the right decisions and you need them making their own decisions!

Then, when the challenges come, as a marriage, you measure the real value and the “beauty” of the relation – this comes when you have difficulties, when you have to take difficult decisions, when one of the parts is not accomplishing for some reason. …and that must be well understood and supported from the other side, and you can either be patient, tolerant, listen, support and lead the partner to find the right solutions and then help to follow with the plan, or you can simply throw the blame, judge, loose trust and get to one side deciding and imposing solutions that might not be the best ones… A company with a GM in a country in difficulties is the same, and in this right moment you see which kind of marriage you are in!

Well, in a hard way, most challenging phase of my professional life, I figured out that I have chosen the right marriage… I remembered the answer of my interviewer, a high executive – “Here in the company when there is a doubt you ask what is the best for patients, short and longer term…” And I am seeing it day after day, in all difficult decisions or complex moments I can tell that several persons from several departments from global, regional, have showed me the same approach…

It is so good to have your values reinforced when you are going through a period of doubts, I am, day after day, happier for having decided for the right path…

This week, more than once, my team and I have thanked for working in this company, we are proud of what we are trying to do, it is difficult to decide when there is no absolute right answer, it is difficult to follow a path if there is some light missing, but it is great to feel supported and backed up by a company and colleagues who are all thinking together to try to find the right way!

I needed to write to express my gratitude, and to make it completely clear that there are companies that still put people first. This is the place for the executives who trust the hearth way.

Do not accept less, if you work with your hearth, with your integrity, and you have courage – do not give up, keep looking – you will find the right marriage, there is still companies that deserve our dedication!!! :)))


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Life Miracles… 2 years ago, 2 years later…

Today I came into a post in facebook of 2 years ago… “…today, 2 years ago…”
It was a picture of an early dinner in our club, VAAC, in Caracas.
It was Sunday, closing the year, 2 years ago…
The happiness, the problems, the issues were the same quantity, the same effect in our hearts, but different….
2 years ago, the family worries were 2 persons worries, the professional worries were about values, dreams, peoples future…
2 years ago, I had no clue what was about to come with the new year…
2 years ago, the present was so present, that no past disturbed, and no future made me dream…
2 years ago, the problems and worries blinded me, my focus was in my work, in my fights, in my husband, in my company, and nothing could break me…
2 years ago, I had a strength that made my heart a stone, my mind sharp, my wishes material…
2 years ago I had no dream of love, the pure type, the unconditional type…
2 years ago, still I was so happy, so happy, that I could not ask for more…
These are the miracles of life…
When you are happy, your life seems full, you seem successful, both personally and professionally.
You love what you do, you love your family, your siblings, your husband, and you have all the time to travel, know the world, enjoy whatever you want…
…then the miracles happen…
… then you discover that still there is more…
2 years ago, I had no clue that my destiny was written,
2 years ago, I did not know that God had already reserved 3 creatures to be part of my life, of my soul…
2 years ago… who would guess?
2 years ago… who could ever dream?
2 years ago, the lessons life gave me made me happy with what I had, made me thank God for what He gave
2 years ago, no expectations were leading my life for something that I did not have…

2 years ago, I did not know that my heart was capable of so much love…
2 years ago, I did not know that we, were not 2, but 5…
2 years ago, I did not know that 2 could made 5 so happy, that 5 could make 2 so much happier…
2 years ago, I did not know I was married with the best father ever
2 years ago, I did not know that I could be a mother that I would be proud of…

Life miracles, what are they??

Life miracles happened in our life when you less expect, you might not see it, you might loose it, if you get caught by problems, issues, instead of thanking…
Being thankful, being glad, opening your heart and your soul to your destiny, your life, you might be presented to a gift…

Gifts = miracles….

Yes, they do exist, and today, 2 years later, looking at that picture, and remembering the moment, so clear in my mind, and having been so glad and in love with my husband, I am glad that I enjoyed with all my heart all the moments, until my miracle happened…
I have no regrets, I have nothing that I would change or I would have done differently…

I just would have looked for my happiness before, I would have decided with my heart and not my brain, I would have done without fear what turned to be the biggest miracle of our lives…

2 years ago, we were happy 2…
2 years later, we are blessed, infinitely happier, gladder, and flooding in love 5…

Life miracles exist, believe on them, dream on them, look for them, fight for them, and open a space in your heart, your soul for them…

Miracle do exist, I am a witness of it, I am a victim of it, I am the happiest person in the world right now…

Thanks God, thanks 2014 – you were tough, you were challenging, you made me cry, you made me smile, you gave my life miracle…
…thanks 2014, looking forward to living you, 2015…

:))) Blessings to everybody!!!!!

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Germany, Germans! :) gratitude from a Brazilian

Frankfurt… last time here was in 2006, worldcup, year my mother passed away…
…yesterday, gate C15 Lufthansa, 10:23, running like crazy to try to arrive on time, of course all the odds were against my urge to arrive home…
My flight coming from Switzerland did work well, but a slight messing up in the halls of the Frankfurt airport is enough for you to make a 40 minutes not enough, then 10 minutes were between me and my kids…. arriving at the security line a huge mess, something found in some bag and nice tourists not previously warned really wanted to take with them the 5 sunscreen bottles bought very diligently for their “weltmeister pokales sommer” or something like this (summer of worldcup prize), which was nothing appealing for a Brazilian…
“Sir, is this the fast lane for the leaving flight to Caracas?”
“…then, are they also going to Caracas???? We are going to miss the flight…”
“Nein, they go to Mexico…”
“Sir, I go to Caracas, this is the fast lane to Caracas, isn’t it???”
“Lady, patience, we need to solve this first… Are you in a hurry?”
“????????????? My flight is leaving Sir…”
… at the C15 gate, all closed, but the plane staying still there as if it would be waiting for me, but again it was confirmed that tears do not work when the gate is officially closed and the whatever-airport-highest-command had closed it… I could not help myself and cried so much that the ladies asked if someone was dying at home…
Nothing to do, but really, the worst thing that can happen in a business trip, that had already taken your Saturday, is for you to miss your flight back… I was crying until finding the service center counter and change my ticket to the next day, Sunday.
Well, I went to the airport hotel, checked in and decided to choose for the find-the-positive-in-everything attitude my mother always taught me, and being in Frankfurt reminded me of my mother a lot!
It was warm, very warm, 34C degrees!
I took my Havaianas, left my luggage and went to the downtown…
I have never visited Frankfurt when I was living in Leverkusen, and when I was for the worldcup, I did not notice how beautiful Frankfurt was!
The only detail was that WHENEVER I went, with my modest German, they asked me where I come from and after the answer “Brazil” a smile came up from EVERYBODY I met…
ūüôā “Schade…” I heard this so many times, but it was in such a nice way, of most of them, that I almost felt sorry for myself!
This is a side of the Germans that I did not know, and Germans keep surprising me positively, they really are polite and humble!
All places that I visited, the politeness, the attention, it was not how I remembered of Germany, the summer, the warm weather, Das Pokal (the worldcup prize), I think everything was in favor for this happiness.
The streets so clean, the places full of people, but still the queues run, the orientation of the people for you to find a street or a place were always so precise.
…even the stress of the cashier when something was not working, finally in Germany all works…
Suddenly I had an insight, a feeling, something that I think I needed to feel…
Suddenly I was so glad that I had spent 17 years in a German company, in 6 different countries, I was happy that most of the success that I am being able to have is due to this learning, the structured way of thinking, the processes, the strive for perfection, many things that were catalyzers of my Japanese background!
I am having this feeling of accomplishment later that feels so good, both in private as in professional life, I feel so happy to be brave enough not to accept circumstances that do not fit my life and yet take chances and opportunities that appear in a moment that you can not understand, and still feel ok with leaving behind something that you cherish so much and feel owing something to…
Here and now I found the answer for it, we must be loyal, not to a company or persons, but certainly to their teachings and philosophy, and whatever happens in your life, important people who were part of it and companies, organizations, will know that they are part of your life path, successes mainly!
For that I want to thank my previous company and all my colleagues from the past 17 years, having left does not mean that I do not appreciate or admire all I lived.
Indeed I am very proud for having worked 17 years for Germans, I am very proud to say that most of what I learned and make me a good professional and person, I have learned from you Germans.
I am very proud for having lost the worldcup for the Germans, there is no other nation in this moment of my life, for which I would be more proud to have given the Pokal to in my country!

Thanks all Germans that were, are and will be part of my life, you are all an example to me!!

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n=‚ąö 1% Only 548 persons having the same energy is enough to make the whole Venezuela shift its energy!! Only 8235 can change the world!!!


Sometimes we think we are not able to change the world…

Some people, who are stronger, or more stubborn, dreamers, or just more idealist think that they can change the world.

Who is right, who is wrong??



There is a scientific study which has proven that the square root of 1% of the population can change the whole population…

If the world has 6.780.000.000 inhabitants; 6.780.000.000 X 1% = 67.800.000; square root of 67.800.000 = 8235‚Ķ

8.235 persons only sum up to the critical mass of the humanity‚Ķ This means that, if, 8.235 persons in the whole planet keep a conscious mind and a connect heart with love, the whole humanity will keep the same behavior, attitude!!!

And how many is needed in Venezuela for us to make a change in the spirit and heart of the whole Venezuela?

Venezuela has 30.000.000 inhabitants; 30.000.000 x 1% = 300.000; square root of 300.000 = 548 …

Only 548 persons in Venezuela, thinking very consciously and organized, from the heart, how they see Venezuela and the love in Venezuela is enough to change its “spirit”!!!


Venezuela tine 30.000.000 habitants; 30.000.000 x 1% = 300.000; raiz cuadrada de 300.000 = 548 …

S√≥lo 548 personas en Venezuela, pensando, muy conscientemente y coordinadamente, desde el coraz√≥n, en como les gustar√≠a tener Venezuela, y el amor en Venezuela, seria suficiente para cambiar el “esp√≠ritus” de Venezuela!!!!

Cuantos amigos tienes en Facebook??????????

Three spanish readings for the topic!!


1% de una población es suficientemente necesario para provocar un cambio en el total de esta, es decir que si menos del uno por ciento de una población aprende algo, o lo que es mas importante siente y piensa desde el amor universal acelerando su evolución, entonces el total de la población dará ese salto automáticamente, y la realidad exterior se manifestara desde esa toma de conciencia.


‚ÄúEl f√≠sico Dr. John Hagelin de la universidad de Harvard, realizo un experimento en 1993 consistente en llevar 4.000 personas de 100 pa√≠ses distintos a la ciudad de Washington DC, y hacerlos meditar durante un tiempo concreto, probando que durante ese tiempo; y dependiendo de lo que pensaban y visualizaban unidos desde la emoci√≥n, en el exterior se materializaba otra realidad medible en hechos f√≠sicos, como fue la disminuci√≥n de la delincuencia o las desgracias mejoras en la econom√≠a, etc. El doctor Hagelin llego a la conclusi√≥n que la ra√≠z cuadrada del 1% de una poblaci√≥n es suficientemente necesario para provocar un cambio en el total de esta, es decir que si menos del uno por ciento de una poblaci√≥n aprende algo, o lo que es mas importante siente y piensa desde el amor universal acelerando su evoluci√≥n, entonces el total de la poblaci√≥n dar√° ese salto autom√°ticamente, y la realidad exterior se manifestara desde esa toma de conciencia.”


La teor√≠a de la masa cr√≠tica est√° basada en el experimento del mono n√ļmero cien, y fue descubierta realizando pruebas con un tipo de mono japon√©s, el Macaca Fuscata, en la isla de Koshima en 1952.

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Be gone forever – a good thing? ‚Ķyes I learn yes (new paradigm broken)


Life is always surprising you, but the best part of it, when suddenly something significant happens, and you have an INSIGHT – and when this insight is revealing something divine, superior and sublime is marvelous – lately this has been with kids…

I will tell how it was:

Today evening my husband and I were talking about his day, and he was telling how a little girl, from an foundation where we are part (we are working on a foster care of 3 siblings) and when picking up the boy, a girl, friend of them has come to my husband and told “Tito (how they call him there), guess what? I will be gone forever soon!”‚Ķ She was very happy, she was glooming, and all the children from her place were happy for her. Then we remembered that, some weeks ago we noticed that one boy was no there, and when we asked for Pedro, the children told with a huge smile on their faces “he is gone forever!!!!”‚Ķ For them “to be gone forever” means that they are given a chance to live with a family, and not seeing the friends any more was not a pain, rather a happiness, a hope, that one day they will also “be gone forever”…

ūüôā My husband and I were discussing this when suddenly we had this insight that any children that thinks like this will fit so perfectly to our lives‚Ķ How God can be so generous? The kids are so fascinated to know the new, to see what is out of the routine, they are so brave that, despite of being unknown, they want a new world, a new life – who is born like this?

We were always different from our friends, we always had no attachment, we love our family from the bottom of our hearts, but we also love to travel, we fall in love with friends, colleagues countries, but we still love to know new places, new cultures, new friends‚Ķ I had always felt bad for being so selfish and not “respecting” the feeling, the nostalgia my family had, I miss them deeply, but I love my life of travel…

Suddenly we knew that the dots were connecting, we could see each one forming a figure of the real meaning of many things Рyes, this was all our destiny, to come to Venezuela, to change the company, to meet the right people to introduce us to children that might or not, one day be gone forever with us…

And then, the “gone forever” had started to have a different meaning, it started to be beautiful, nothing selfish, it does not matter if I will miss the person, but he/she will be happy, we have to let it go, and we have to be happy for them, and we have to be truly happy when anyone is gone forever, even if this person is you, yourself…

My best day in life will be when my kids friends will turn them a party to celebrate that, from that day on, they will “be gone forever”, and “be gone forever” with us, to us‚Ķ.

Thanks God people can “be gone forever”!!

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This page of Pedro seems to me to be what many of us should be doing, not only for Venezuela, but for the world!

I will meditate for the love in Venezuela and I will add the world a little, and you?!



Hoja Corazón 


(Todos los días a las 8:00 pm)


  1. Sentarse cómodamente, cerrar los ojos.
  2. Respirar de forma suave, profunda y prolongada. Observando la respiración atentamente hasta calmar la mente. Tómate el tiempo que sea necesario.
  3. Recrear la sensación del Amor en tu corazón. Visualiza lo que SI QUIERES para Venezuela y para ti. (IMPORTANTE: no visualizar lo que NO quieres) Tu visualización debe hacerte sentir feliz y con mucho Amor.
  4. Contemplar la energía del Amor que estas sintiendo impregnando cada partícula cuántica del campo energético de Venezuela.
  5. Contempla a cada part√≠cula como un √Āngel de luz de Dios prevaleciendo y dispersando las sombras densas en Venezuela y en todos los Venezolanos.
  6. Mantén tu visión en la energía del Amor el tiempo que te sea posible.

Los espero en el Campo Cu√°ntico.

Gracias por Existir.

Ing. Pedro Luis Otero”

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Venezuela, what the world should see, blessed Venezuela!







Why live in Venezuela?

Apart from the Venezuelans?

Apart from its nature?

Apart from its energy?

Apart from its diversity?

Apart from its passion?

ūüôā Let us talk you, who does not live here, through all the reasons why my husband and I decided to choose this country to be our home for the last 2 years and for the next 3, 4 or 5 years!! ‚Ķand it does matter what happens, we love Venezuela and the Venezuelans!

1) Venezuelans:

To work in Venezuela is a dream for anyone who has a management, leadership position. The venezuelans are very flexible, are very quick to implement any idea, whatever appears, you have to stop them, because, if they like the idea, they do not wait a second to start implementing it. On the other side, if they do not like it, they will not complain, but they will directly tell you, but with the intention to quickly find what is the best solution! The Venezuelans make you a better person and a better professional – they will challenge you and they will demand you to be the best to be able to work with them. They are strong people, with lots, lots of passion, as a consequence they are fully committed, but they must believe, they must see a purpose, and if they do, bring your motors, you will need it! The definition is that Venezuelans are leaders, and working with them make all the strengths to be potentialize, as a conclusion I can tell that this is a nation that together can go far, far away, as they have the gift to bring the best out of the other people!

2) Its Nature:

Venezuela has everything, beaches, mountains, cold, warm weather, savannas, dunes, forest… The capital of Venezuela has a mountain inside its city, Avilla Рnot a mountain, but A MOUNTAIN


The Caraque√Īos have the healthy habit to climb it, it is a bless, it makes the capital green, it makes each ride through the autopista a new surprise, climbing it a sunday, till the pajaritos, you will find some waterfalls, yes, waterfalls, in the capital of the country‚Ķ ok, surprised? Let us talk about;

Los Roques Рthis is a group of islands, 30 minutes from Caracas, yes 30 minutes flight, it is in Caribbean Sea Рcrystal clear water, warm water… the paradise at earth, one of the most beautiful places I have been!



Several other examples can be given as a nature bless; Choroni, Merida, Rafting in Barinas, Puerto Ordaz, and all so so blessed, so much energy…

ah√° – other point to be in Venezuela;

3) Venezuela energy – Tepuis, Canaima


Did you know that the oldest rock formation of the world is in Venezuela? Yes, also where the highest waterfall in world is located, the San Angel.

This place was considered one of 10 most irreplaceable ecosystems on earth ( The energy of this place is incredible, also the Canaima lake, the Salto Hacha, here was the best experience that my husband and myself had, meditating under this waterfall…



This all energy comes also from all the virgin forest, and also the Pemons, a tribe which lives in this region and thousands legends make us believe in the magic – and then also a Spanish Priest, Padre Xavier, a saint in our opinion, who loves everybody who is there and goes there, a priest who made us want to get married under the church laws after so many years!



This brings to the other interesting and loveable magic of Venezuela, its;

4) Diversity!!

Here I copy paste wikipedia, where the best definition can be found: “Venezuela has a rich cultural heritage. From the original¬†American Indians¬†to the¬†Spanish¬†and¬†Africans¬†who arrived after the¬†Spanish conquest, the 17th century waves of immigration brought many¬†Italians,¬†Portuguese,¬†Arabs,¬†Germans,¬†Moroccan Jews, and others from the bordering countries of¬†South America.¬†Venezuela’s heritage,¬†art, and culture have been heavily influenced by the¬†Caribbean¬†context. These elements extend to its historic buildings, architecture,[1]¬†art,[2]¬†landscape, boundaries, and monuments. Venezuelan culture has been shaped by¬†Indigenous,¬†Spanishand African influences. Before this period, indigenous culture was expressed in art (petroglyphs),¬†crafts, architecture (shabonos), and social organization. Aboriginal culture was subsequently assimilated by Spaniards; over the years, the hybrid culture had diversified by region.”

and the last point, which I have already mentioned is:

5) Venezuelans Passion!!

Each Venezuelan has a different passion, or a different way to express it, but all, without exception, even the coldest Venezuelan (if anyone can find a cold Venezuelan will win THE prize), will show his/her passion much more than one expects! One way to see it, is to check how they dance salsa, how they sing karaoke, how they make jokes of any tragedy or difficulties that they face! The passion of the Venezuelans is something contagious, you can not stay in the country more than 1 year without turning yourself passionate, spiritual, with a different energy, with lots of bless, and with a great way to see the world.

‚Ķ ūüôā Many of you might be thinking that I am crazy and that this is just my eyes, or that I am being too positive, since what is shown these days is something different, but I guarantee that this country and this Venezuelans worth much more than their petrol, and their power is within their level of spirituality and energy, their country makes them live within one the most energetic part of the planet, and their heart is huge!

By the end this is basically why I love to be here, it might be that by osmosis or habit I might learn to be as special as the Venezuelans are!



Coisas para serem lembradas!!! · Existence · Thoughts&Learning

Love, change, regret

When is the right time to make a change? Which is the change you want to make? What is really your aim? Is there any change that you can make and no regrets will appear? Once I was told that whatever you do with love, for love can not be a mistake… So, then, when is the right time? Well, you are given gifts, opportunities and everything appears at the right moment in your life, as once told during a graduation in Stanford, by a wise person, you will not understand the importance of that moment, of that gift, at the present moment, not even if you look forward, but if you will take it, sometime later, by looking back, the dots will be connected and you will understand why everything happened as it did… it happened… …but not if you did not have the courage, passion to do so, then again the question – when is the right time? ūüôā Anytime is the right time… How to do it is the right question… What solved my problems, kept my doubts apart as well as fear, was a simple fact: You do not have to think too much – if something tells you to do something, just do it – do not think on the problems, do not think on what can end up wrong… You know what??? Because EVERYTHING IN LIFE CAN BE CHANGED – NOTHING IS FOREVER!! Meaning that you do not have to fear or think so much, since if something goes wrong, you can always do differently! Well, this was how my mother has helped me, indeed has convinced me to accept to leave Brazil for a proposal of an international career, not any international career, not an international career that has a guarantee from your home country that you can come back whenever you want, but an international career that would make me quit my Brazilian country and for sure I could not come back before 14 years – yes 14 years – this is what my boss told me, “Lara this contract is international, and for you to go higher in your Brazilian organization, you will have to leave and have an international career experience, and you will not be back before 14 years…”… 14 years, 1999 – not come back before 2013…. how can one leave your family and not think on coming back soon??? How can I sacrifice so much??? How can my company ask me this??? Which kind of person would do so??? How could I leave far away from my brother and sister… my mother, father… and not come back sooner??? …when I shared all my thoughts, more doubts and fears than thoughts, my mother chose the most simplistic way, as always… she asked me: “… ok, this is what your boss tells you, but who will prevent you from coming back if one day, after 5 years, you want to come back and you have just to be sure that you have done your best, so well, that you are in a position to ask something, you ask to be back, there can be a chance that they will allow you, if not, you buy a ticket, quit your job, come back home, and with the experience you got, who can stop you?? – remember, when you are not afraid, and you keep your values, nothing, nobody can stop you… you will decide your life…” ūüôā This is how I learned, this is from where I got my “guts”, my courage – indeed, I just know that whatever decision I take in my life I ALWAYS have the chance to change it, I will never be embarrassed of tell that I made a wrong decision and that I want to change my path !!!!!!! This has changed my life, and from this period one, I just know that everything will end up right, because if something is not right, it means that it is not the end, you change it, look for the right, take the new path, and then – tchan nan – the right way – it ended up right, not for nothing, but because you are the owner of your choices, so you are the owner of your glory, victory and success!!! ūüôā I do miss my mother, but from some 5 years now, my husband has done her job, and for this I love him hugely!!!