Mera naam Lara hai, aapakee kahaanee kya hai?

I have learned today that life is like a ppt presentation. Each slide is the projection of light the body emanates given certain filters, the emotions and feelings have, of something we see or live.

One slide might be beautiful because it is the projection of a person you like and your body filters it with so good emotions and feelings that the light you project makes an amazing slide.

Another slide might not be so beautiful because the light it projects is darker given the darker emotions and feelings that certain situation provokes in you, so will be the light you will make others see.

After a while, you will become the set of slides you project the most, if you know this, you will be able to select the filters of emotions and feelings you will use to embrace any situation and then the light you will project will be as you wish…

Easier said than done, well here I share a beautiful learning from my 2 years in India.

Before coming to India, my introduction “I am Lara” was carried with many slides and set of presentations I brought with me. The projections I had were already filtered and worked a lot for years wanting to become a better human being. One of the reasons to choose India was because I believed India traditional culture would bring me to another level as a human being.

I am not sure if I was right or wrong, I am not sure what exactly brought me to be who I am today, and I am a completely different person from the one who arrived in India… I am still Lara, but the shadows of understanding that build my core have changed, and I am a much more “Indian” person – many Indians will disagree, but I promise you, there is something in Indias, related to goodness and something bigger that come into our souls…

One of the biggest learning are the magic 3 words…

Unconditional positive regard 

“(UPR) is a term credited to humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers and is used in client-centered therapy. Practicing unconditional positive regard means accepting and respecting others as they are without judgment or evaluation.”

Since these 3 words entered in my life a very different set of slides started to be projected. Even in the worst moments I have asked myself;

…and then I try to think on what is the impact on people – I have learned sometimes in the hardest way that Unconditional Positive Regard is finally of utmost importance when we are in the worst moments of our lives – to always try to make the most positive impact, or…. the least negative impact.

In order to make Unconditional Positive Regards work, is important to have SELF AWARENESS – conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings.

Having conscious knowledge of your own character and feelings, so whatever situation will come to your door, you will be able to process it and filter with Unconditional Positive Regard, then the light that will project the next slide of your life will be much more beautiful than it usually would be…

Since this combination of self awareness and Unconditional Positive Regards entered my life, I have evolved as leader, as mother, as wife, as a human being; somehow, I feel clear consciousness of what kind of lights I want to project in the next set of slides which will build my next presentation, sourced by my 2 years with my team in India, let others know myself and know others better – and this looks something like this;

Mera naam Lara hai, aapakee kahaanee kya hai?


What lenses do you choose to see your world?

My whole life I heard my mother telling me that, the lenses I wear are the lenses I will see the world!

This gave me something to start with…

I remember later on, this coming back to my mind in a different situation in my professional life.

One day a colleague commented, about a person talking about another one, – “what Paul says about Peter tells us more about Paul than about Peter”.

People can only see in others what they know or have inside them…

Back then I liked it, but lately I am understanding what an incredible insight these both lessons build together…

Only by observing others talking about a situation or a person, you can identify how the world is seen by them, and the world can only be seen from who they are. The same apply to us!

We will always live; talk, comment, suggest given the lenses we wear, depending on the moment priorities, choices, fears.

How many times we get upset because somebody is angry with us, and we forget that this is only a result of the lenses the person is wearing, literally, this is their problem with you, not your problem!

… and reacting trying to answer or help the other to solve the problem, will never work, unless you ask them, exactly WHAT (and not why) is that they are thinking, what are their assumptions?

Indeed when you start to observe more, this can be a great opportunity to go to another level… to learn about others, yourself and even more – to bring all moments to a place where good opportunities are always emerging!

Suddenly your lenses can turn your life into an universe of infinite possibilities!

A wonderful way to do it consciously (at least my learning the last months, year!) can be by using the reframing process in the book Quantum Leader from Danah Zohar, using some of the #SQprinciples to see the world with more possibilities.

When you want to start a conversation, feedback, negotiation, at home or at work, to be both authentic, clear and also open to listen and increase possibility of co-creation the steps can be:

(1) be #selfaware, (be prepared to share your What clearly, what is that you are observing, describe the situation) also know that others will have their own views

(2) be #valueandvisionled (be prepared to tell your wants and needs, what do you really need? Knowing your purpose and values is fundamental, this helps bringing consistency to your life)

(3) be open to #celebratediversity – ask what is that the other is seeing and observe – always be curious about others perspective

– even if others’ views or situations are bringing discomfort, aim to identify the discomfort and look for what you want so you can #positivelyUseAdversity

(4) be able to #reframe – identify what emotion was driving you and use free will to choose what you really want and what emotion you would like to drive what you really want! Focus on what you want, trying to identify a common intention with the other person. Reframing is identifying the emotion driving a discomfort certain situation brings to you and finally focusing on what you want.

The last year has been a great learning period of my life, learning not only to lead this different journey professionally but also in how to bring it to my personal life in the education of my kids, where discernment is the center of their education. Trying to help people to be able to take own decisions, doing their best to identify the impact it might have in our own selves, others directly close and the society, community around us!

Knowing that we will always have either a positive or negative impact in people, no matter what our intention is, is crucial…

So, the lenses you choose to see the world will determine your actions and the impact you will have in others, and in your life…

Which lenses would you like to wear? The one seeing an universe of infinite possibilities or a world of endless problems?


What if Sutras, Upanishads, Geeta would be guiding the world management theories instead of Taylor, Fayol, Weber?????

utopic capitalism

After reading once more the Kata Upanishad, I had a moment of reflection, thinking about everything we are trying to do in my company and how we used to work in the past. Suddenly I noticed that, somehow, some of the principles of transformational management we want to implement, the ones based on Laloux book*, Wholeness, Evolutionary Purpose, Self Management, are nothing more than the principles of Quantum management, Danah Zohar book Quantum Leader – and BOTH are nothing more than a revival of old scriptures of India – the world most hidden and wise life-science books….

Where the world is evolving to, is to the most ancient wisdom – ALL human beings are capable of anything, provided that they are a whole with themselves and with everything that surrounds him/her! If the human being is given the right environment, his/her highest motivation will be his/her own pursuit for meaning and self realization. All basic material needs being provided, they will look for a meaning and this will be the most powerful motivation tool than any other material incentive.

So why we, as humanity, have arrived where we are today? Believing that other human beings are only motivated by material incentive, that they are not deeply spiritual, that they will not come to work for something bigger than just for a pay check?

My insight was coming back to my days of Quantum Leader workshop – all the western management theories were based on the Newtonian science, believing that the knowing the parts and being able to perfect each part separately, you can make a better whole. While we know in quantum physics, and in any Indian ancient scripture, that if we will perfect one part alone you will create a completely different whole, and maybe destroy the whole. In order to be able to tackle an issue you have to see it as a whole, if you look parts of it you will never perfect it at its maximum potential…

So the fragmentation of Medicine, Management, and all other theories is purely fruit of newtonian theory – which brought us to believe that to understand the whole we have to separate the parts. Bringing to the belief that, we are individuals separated from each others, cities separated, states, countries, and each one wants to have the maximum for ourselves, destroying the whole. But we would be able to get much more if we would see ourselves as a whole…

Well, let us come back to management theories and compare what would be the world today, if we would have been guided by the Indian ancient scriptures!!

Let’s take a look on the “old management theory”, where the search was to “fragment the management” and to control the productivity through the control of human being, transforming it in Human Resource… Goals and clear objectives  were crucial, as they could not see the whole and take decisions by themselves, also motivation would be low, finally THIS human being from Newton’s belief, would never come to work for his/her own purpose, but for material incentive, so you better have a good compensation system, not matter the why of your company!

For all to review the business class theories:

Taylors principle of scientific management:

· Science, not rule-of-thumb;
· Scientific selection of the worker
· Management and labour cooperation rather than conflict
· Scientific training of workers

Weber’s bureaucratic approach:

Predictability and stability

Fayol’s principle of management: administrative theory

· Division of work (specialization)
· Authority and responsibility
· Discipline
· Unity of command
· Unity of direction
· Subordination of individual interest
· Remuneration of personnel
· Centralization
· Scalar chain
· Order
· Equity
· Stability of tenure of personnel
· Initiative
· Esprit de corps
· The concept of line and staff
· Committees
· Functions of management
– planning
– organizing
– training
– commanding
– coordinating

Check here for a thorough view of these theories (http://www.fao.org/3/w7503e/w7503e03.htm)


But what are the modern books telling us???

reinventing organizationsquantum leaderleading from the emerging future

*Laloux book is bringing examples of corporations and start ups, or modern leaders who are bringing a fresh new way of driving their business, and today our company is striving to do the same.

Quantum Leader brings clearly the new management theory from the perspective of quantum physics and define clearly what a quantum leader and a quantum organization should be and tools for you to implement the mind set.

Otto Scharmer is famous for his U Theory, which is derived from the famous Dialogue concept of David Bohm

The main principles of the Laloux book, which is a simple view of them all, for lay people as us, in a very rough summary:


Transform ego-system to an eco-system – what does it mean? Instead of looking purely to their own profits, the companies should look to the eco-system they are part of, and instead of predicting the future, like in Weber’s theory, you build the future, aware of the impact you bring and helping the system to be “healthier”. They should see the company as one with all parts it is composed and all parts it is impacting. From Quantum theory, the entanglement theory and the understanding that whatever you do, you will have an impact, so let us impact positively, let us help co-creating the eco-system. This is pure Purusha, Prakriti, the search for the final connection Samadi, when you understand that you and the world are one, and whatever you will think, will transform in words and will transform in your reality, the power of consciousness….


The new management theories understand that the WHY is more important than the WHAT and the HOW, the what and how can only be sustainable if the Why is correct. As in each one of us!! It does not matter what we are doing and how we are doing, if we get to the 50’s and we are super successful, honest, but we are working in something that destroys the future of our kids, we will all get frustrated, and not proud, then we will seek for our true Why… the same applies for companies, societies, etc… What is your Why? What is your company’s why? This in quantum physics, is the essence of everything…. and in the Indian ancient texts is the self-realization, the identification with your Higher Self, which understands that there is something more than our eyes can see, our ears can hear and our nose can smell…

Self Management:

Another beautiful concept!!

The belief that each one is so powerful that utilizing the power of each individual together will bring something much more organized and powerful than a command control system controlling individuals. Of course, provided you have the right processes, framework and the right people doing the right things, and above all, the right Why is there. Then, the world of  infinite possibilities opens up! …and  this is the quantum dynamic system in the Quantum Leader book, in quantum theory this is what explains for example, ourselves – the human being is the most complex living system and it is self organized, we evolve, get old, but we always have certain functions that should be working well, so we function in our best state. It does not matter if we have a super huge strong right arm if our kidney is failing, but when we are at our best, we do not notice when we are breathing, digesting, and we will still be running a marathon – the perfect harmony. When we try to control it and try to over train it, we stress it, we have to balance it, know it, let it guide itself…


Do you see the beauty that I am seeing,? Do you see the insight I have day after day being in India?

Most probably the Indians that are reading my blog will understand my excitement to realize that, the highest scientific wisdom we can find in the world is just sitting among us!

I believe that, if Eastern world would have been guiding the Industrial revolution, there would not be a scale in production separated in parts, where humans are resources and not beings, but it would be evolving with all parts of the eco-system and making a world that would have evolved incredibly better.

Transformational leaders in different fields like David Bohm, Steve Jobs, have learned from Indian wisdom. Did you know, that Steve Jobs besides having spent years in India he has left for the guests of his memorial, a copy of Yogananda Paramahansa, “The autobiography of a Yogi” as a “Life Tip” for humanity, because he believed that the true manual of life, is already among us for centuries, within the Indian scriptures?

So, this is the reason why I believe Indians have everything in their hands, hearts and souls, to guide the world with the intrinsic wisdom they are born with! They just have to bring out their true-self and bring them as whole to their families, society, work and be the true human being with all the wisdom inside. And this applies to all human beings in the world, for me also, as a Brazilian. It is just that, Indians have the blessing of being born in the same land where, for more than 4000 years, all the wisdom is simply around!

I work for Roche. All opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent the position of my organisation.”

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The future is in our hands, Healthcare future is in our hands


A bright new future is here to stay, whether we see it or fear it, it will come!

Technology has disrupted our lives already in the communication sector; how we relate to each other has changed a lot and will continue changing. The next step will be either Health or Education. For us to accelerate these changes and be able to enjoy as soon as possible the good impact they will bring us, a clear purpose and the goodness in people to serve society will have to be the main motivation!

The disruption on human relations: Family’s like mine, of expats, are much closer now than they were before. When I left Brasil in 1999, cell phones did not have video calls (you do not have to be THAT old for having lived it!). I recall waiting to talk to my mother the weekends and controlling the time, as the calls were super expensive from Hungary to Brazil. Slightly before my mother passed away, in 2006, we have discovered a new “tool” that allowed us to talk “with” the computer seeing the faces of each other and for free – it was called Skype! Right now, I am able to talk to my siblings, families and friends seeing their faces whatever time I can – for people of my generation, we thought this would only be the Jetsons!!! We are indeed living what before was only in our dreams. We have right now in “one piece of device”, all our preferred music, our whole family and friends, news, notes, mails just in a “simple thing” that we can carry in our pocket! …information, connection, safety, entertainment, etc… in our hands 24/7! Some people see the negative aspects of the cell phones, I choose to see the positive!

Where the next disruption will be? In my view it will be in the HealthCare sector, mainly because in the education we are already seeing examples of disruption, but this have been more silently and have been a big impact generation after generation already. The hope I see in education is, that, in the future, it will not be based on supporting one individual to be successful or to succeed in one organisation. The old ways of maximizing GDP’s of countries, Profits of Businesses, learning how to lead winning competition, influencing and convincing people to do what they might not be willing to do, is long gone. The future of leadership education will start from childhood, but to lead society to pursue a common goal – humanity well being, harmony and fight together the biggest challenges we face today! Universities as the Singularity University (https://su.org/) will take over, and the goodness and care for society and humanity will prevail. The next generations will not look for schools, Universities, where you learn how to compete and win the “wild human race”, but they search places where they learn how to cooperate and in collaboration make a better “harmonic human existence”.  You can see it just by screening the first page of the SU website:

“Preparing Global Leaders & Organizations for the Future

Explore the opportunities and implications of exponential technologies and connect to a global ecosystem that is shaping the future and solving the world’s most urgent problems.”

Why I believe HC will be the next big step of humanity evolution through technology disruption? Because Medical Science had developed super quickly, solutions that are being studied today can truly prolong life and there are researches going much beyond, but still our societies and countries are not ready. Technology has advanced hugely and right now all different stakeholders in the Healthcare sector are trying to find different solutions to be more effective and to be more productive, and to give the best service to THEIR patients. Where this will take us?

This is the biggest question and the answer is another “WHY fundamental question”: “WHY WOULD WE, STAKEHOLDERS OF HEALTHCARE SECTOR INTRODUCE TECHNOLOGY IN OUR AREA?” Here comes the most important break for reflection. The right answer should always be:


If we all truly think on the patients when bringing technology to our areas; hospitals, labs, researchers, government, then we will align ourselves in order to have the right technology to measure the clinical outcomes of the patients and track the whole patient journey, not only in that given moment, but also historical data. If Public and Private sector are aligned and “speaking” to each other, the data produced throughout the patient journey will help policies to be built which really help to optimize the Healthcare system and bring the best outcome to the patients. When procurement can be made according to the right added value to certain step of the journey, optimization of the whole chain can be achieved and the transparency can be the mother of the right decisions! This will provide the right platform for the collaboration among stakeholders, and by the end the citizens will be benefited. All decisions in the Health sector will be wiser….

How far are we from this??? My truly and deepest belief is that we are not far, and I believe that India can lead this journey. One of the biggest challenges that countries and systems encounter is the metadata to identify the citizens throughout the chain and the willingness and capability of the system to implement technology. India has both… India is the only country which has the Aadhar, which is, not only one identification covering 98% of the population, but also a biometric one!!! (Dream of any country which would plan to implement new Informatics system to track health value). India has also one of the highest acceptance of technology, innovation and the stakeholders are willing to implement technology in their “houses” to optimize services….

And…. On the top of this, in February 2018 the government has announced the biggest National Health program in the world, and among other ideas, they are willing to utilize this scheme to implement a National Health Stack that might have the potential to align all actual technology in the country, state wise or central wise. Both Public and Private sector can benefit!

Can you imagine if, in some years, India is able to have a health system which is bumped by technology and the whole Healthcare system, public and private, is summed up in one technological system which can track, not only the costs, the interventions, the steps of the patients, but also the clinical outcome of the citizens? …and the AI, Machine learning can help different stakeholders to compare outcomes for patients vs their journey in the health system? Then policies can be built based on the best value for patients, meaning the best outcome with the holistic more sustainable cost…

I believe we can do this if we align stakeholders from the public and private sector and start segment by segment! I add here a report which is showing already first results of a pilot done by WEF and Atlanta government! Enjoy it and I hope that this brings you the same beautiful picture it brought me – an Indian healthcare evolution bumped by technology and collaboration among stakeholders, private and public sector, which allows more access to health care and ultimately a Universal Healthcare which benefits all Indian citizens with high standards of care!

Click to access WEF_Insight_Report_Value_Healthcare_Laying_Foundation.pdf

I work for Roche. All opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent the position of my organisation.”


The secret of success – working with passion

I have just arrived from watching Cirque du Soleil and I was in awe…

Of course I was in awe for the spectacular show, but what called my attention specifically was the big smile, happiness and clear feeling of realization each actor had within themselves each time they finished an impossible performance.

It was clear to see that to come to this point, lots of dedication, training, concentration had to be there so they would come and delight the audience! …and the ones delighted the most were the actors themselves, seeing our faces in awe, our mouths open and our incessant clapping…

Their faces, their smiles, the whole aura emerging from each one of them, beautifully expressing their passion for what they are doing, the aura of love and enjoyment! Definitely they were working at another level, they were living their lives fully – the right life balance!

For some moments I had a familiar feeling, that exact moment when sensations and feelings in your body touch the memories and the “Budhi”, the intellect have the spark of light that transforms in a thought – “I know that I saw this already somewhere, I have a recollection of memories that made me feel the same and I know I saw this aura, this satisfaction already for sometime…” 🙂 then the clear images start to jump in my mind of all the moments and faces that I saw the same!

The joy just filled my mind and the deepest feeling of gratitude come to me – where have I seen the same incredible gratitude and pride as I have just experimented in the Cirque du soleil actors after doing the impossible and delighting the audience from their soul??

Yes…. the last 6 months I have seen it in our team faces each time they share a patient story, each time one of the family members share themselves their knowledge of quantum leadership or present the new Access Plan Framework….

Yes, it is incredible that we are being able to have the same joy working together the last months as this group performing the impossible acts….

I am not so sure if everyone in our team realizes these feelings and moments, but the ones who realize have been spreading their aura of loving their purpose in an incredible pace…

Definitely today I could see; when you truly love what you are doing, then you are really working for a higher service – the kind of work everybody wants to have, the one that brings delight in others! The one some people do not call work, call leisure!

Thanks so much the team in Roche India, for making my dream realize – to see purpose in the lives of each one, and see how many of us wake up in the morning smiling because is weekday and we can go to work to do what we enjoy the most!

I truly believe we are meant to be where we are – together and in India!!

Namaste – “the divine in me salutes the divine in you!”


Give back to India – India a Quantum society

Chennai team – Roche Pharma India

Last year when I had to choose my next step of my career, India came to my mind for 2 reasons, one because of the possibility to really make a difference and the second one to develop my spiritual side, since it is not a secret that every soul in this world has India as a place where one should go if is wanting so…

After talking to many people, some positive about my decision and others not so much, I noticed something interesting – normally the ones not so optimists were Indians :)))) and maybe because having an Indian blood or being born in India makes many things very much obvious and everything here is taken for granted – they told me that I might be disappointed if I would come for spiritual growth…

…dear friends from India – YES, you take for granted something absurdly obvious for many of us who were not born in India – India does have something truly special, a special goodness inside and whoever notices it can bring this to business and make a business that is for a greater good – for the benefit of society itself, country, and the humanity!!!!

In my last field visit to Chennai I had confirmed my high appreciation to Indian culture, Indians and their intrinsic sentiment of goodness and to give back to the country… I made an experiment, taking our vision and strategy to many people, and I just proved my theory right…

Talking to Doctors, to Professors, Persons who have interest in healthcare, all of them, in some part of the conversation mentioned that what they do, they do to give back to India. Doctors with great opportunities to stay abroad, to have the kids studying in Europe or US, had decided to come back to India, for different reasons… Either because here they make a difference and can help many patients that otherwise could not be treated, or to do much more than they were expected to do…

…some mentioned that in other countries they are Medical Doctors and full stop, here they help the families of the patients, they find ways to help the transport of the patients who face the big challenge to travel 10, 12 hours to have access to healthcare, or to try to start pharmacies that will give better access to medicines further away from the hospitals and assure then that their patients will comply with their treatment…

I came back from my first field visit in India understanding that I had taken the right decision, even about Quantum leadership I discussed with some of the doctors, one told me that in India we have to do things very differently and can not choose, con not prioritize, we have to have the organization of the British, but to be able to work in the diversity of the states and potentialize the everything-happening-at-the-same-time-differently-in-different-states… Is there anything more quantum than doing both/and instead of either/or?

Other Doctor has mentioned that he is doing an incredible research to try to find the cure of a certain disease, other Doctor making pro-bono transplants in public hospitals and publishing books about old scriptures to assure that the culture will be preserved…

In other conversation we have discussed how important is to have a purpose, how important is to be selfless and to assure that, whatever we do, we will have to, consciously, understand that this will have an impact in our world, in THE world. as a conclusion, we all have to work together in the benefit of the patients…

Finally everybody agreed, in different circumstances, that in India, companies that are doing a service to society, not just bringing free things, bringing value at a certain price, but only the companies that give back to society, to India, are truly successful and are sustainable, in India the goodness have to be part of your being, then being part of your being you are part of India. The quantum organization concept to be vision, value led…. and to be a green organization is essential! (Quantum leadership book – Danah Zorah)

Despite of all challenges we face, we MUST recognize that the last 5 years, somehow, a consciousness has been awakening among Indians and India, something magic is happening, something that is making India grow not materially only (besides coming from rank 143 to 100 in the list of ease to do business), India is living a magic moment, and we should thank the universe to be here right now… we should just go with the flow and help the magic to complete for India!

I have one word – KRITAGYATA!!!!! I am glad I have chosen to come to India and I am glad that I have embarked in this journey of the quantum leadership before coming here, there is no place where one can see everybody living at the edge, being playful with uncertainty, being vision led, value driven, being aware of a context that is super complex, but everybody that wants to give back to India is super connected at a different level, in tune with each other, playing together without a regent, without a guidance, in a wonderful harmony as a jazz jam session!!!! And the benefit of this beautiful magic can be India and the Indians!

I am ready to embark in this journey with India for Indians!!!! Thanks for welcoming me India!





How to guide humanity to the light? How to work with/for plenitud?

IT7A0608 copy
Lara 11/2017 Mumbai Gateway

There is so much light in the world, there are so many people with willingness to do good, why do we struggle so much to live a full life, in peace, without regrets, doing what we like?

During my last months I have confirmed the theory I have lived my whole life with, what my mother has taught me and what I want to teach my children…

For you to be happy, you have to love EVERYTHING you do and find purpose and a positive impact in each word, each action you take.

The idea that we have to find what we love in order to feel that you are not working is not my philosophy or my belief… In this search-for-what-I-love many people feel frustrated and end up leaving behind super cool things in life because they feel something-is-missing!

With my childhood learnings, love-all-you-do  / find-meaning-in-all-you-do there are few times in my professional life that I felt miserable, or woke up wanting to change jobs… I remember once with my whole family going to our farm, there was a truck with the saying “You do not need to have all you love, you need to love everything you have” I remember us debating on it and my mother was always repeating it to us…

…Now I absolutely know – she just wanted to share with us her secret for being this endlessly happy smiley person! She wanted us to have light, and, learn to spread it as soon as we have acknowledged its presence…

Being in India the last 6 months I learned also that there is something that connect us all human beings – the goodness inside us, I have seen so much goodness and willingness to give-back-to India that it is impossible not to love what I am doing, how I am doing, where I am doing, with whom I am doing….

I heard always so much doubts about working for a pharma company, about working in a multinational, being executives, corporate people, all related to the image of cold, money driven,  ambitious people, but we will prove that human beings are human beings, and when we want to show the goodness inside, when we want to turn on the light inside, no matter where we are, we can do good, and we can impact beyond our imagination…

I am a mother that often has to choose between going to the teachers-parent conversation, children presentation or go to a strategy presentation, regional or global meeting – or better saying, can not choose, have to fulfill the professional responsibilities and prioritize many times work over family – how do I face my family, my husband, my children and myself at the mirror when I miss a unsubstitutable music presentation of one of my daughters????

Very, very, but, very consciously and in peace….. I just have to remember what I want my daughter to be when she is an adult… I want her to be a successful woman, that copes family and work, that talks about her life balance, a life balance and not a work life balance, because she simply loves what she is doing, and her children are happy when she is doing so and no one whines or makes bad faces to her when she is not in her daughter´s presentation. And when she comes back from her travel, her daughter just look at her, hugs her and asks “…how was your business trip mom, are you happy? Was your strategy approved to help many people? I hope it was ok, because my presentation was super cool and I want to show to you!!” :)))) Well, if I want my daughter to be as this, I have to give her the example, I have to just not regret, explain why I am travelling, explain that we are in India because this is our family purpose, to be wherever we can bring light and learn how to build much more light inside ourselves – and a perfect place for us to do so is here, is India, the light country!

Having a purpose in our lives helps us a lot to guide whatever we do, helps to love whatever we do. We can make anything meaningful in our life, the meaning, the passion, the purpose and the eternal plenitud exists inside ourselves and we are the ones who have to nurture it and we have two choices in our life….

  1. If you have many doubtful questions to yourself, you will live in doubt and you will be unhappy…
    “Could I be happier? Could I be doing something else more meaningful? Can I have more fulfilling life? Can I find something that I love more? Am I doing with my life what I have to? Did I do everything that I want at the right age? Should I work in a NGO to be more truthful with my life? Are my friends happier than I am? Should I spend more time with my kids? With my brother and sister? With my nephews and nieces? With my father? With my husband? Should I be doing more yoga? Should I be reading more? Should I be more healthier?…….” All the answers are a BIG YES which will make you frustrated….
  2. If you are glad and you genuinely want to be happy and make people around you happy your questions will be on how to do what you really want…
    “I have one hour with my kids, which book will I read with them that can make this moment memorable, something that will both make them have fun and will make this moment meaningful? I am travelling with my team and will be far away from my family, how do I take the best out of the time with my team and learn from them so I can share with my family when I am back? How I tell my family my daily work stories so they will understand the huge meaning my work has to me and how it makes me happy and fulfill our family purpose? What can I do today in my work that can make a difference in the world? Which words should I choose so I am sure that people around me will be more conscious rather than just living? I know that I can bring light or darkness from people, what exactly brings light from each individual I interact with? Which smile will I get from some face today that will make my day worthwile?…..”

It is so easy to make our life worth and learn to make the right choices, you have only to be sure what you want in your life and make your day be worth a smile in the end it, yours and the ones around you…

…India… has made me smile absurdly since I arrived, I know I was blessed with a super special team to work with, people that themselves have a higher purpose and are here to make a difference in India, and that they know that our work is not just a job, is a responsibility, so this turns to be our purpose…. Our Ikigai – What we love to do, What we are paid for, what we are good at and what is good for the world…. My Kritagyata to my family, to my extended family – my team, and to India!!!



Losing loving ones and your purpose

It is interesting to see how death can impact us differently depending on your life moment…

My mother’s death in 2016 has brought me to an incredible disbelief and loss of all faith.

It was the healing journey thereafter which brought back, in a exponential way, the faith, belief and spirituality. But the mourning was not helping towards life efficiency – to achieve its purpose, it was too much loss of faith in something greater…

Understanding death while living a process of discovering a dream, a vision, to put in practice your purpose, makes your life have much more meaning… makes you want to live intensely in order to accelerate your dream, on how to make your purpose real, much quicker…

Right now somehow a recent loss has triggered questions and an urge that had somehow helped me confirm why I am here, and what should I do…

I have questioned myself intensely lately if I am a good mother, a good wife, because somehow something very strong drags me to focus on my work, and I question, why am I in India, why am I helping India and why am I ok with all that it brings…

Can I be the mother and wife I have committed to, while doing what I feel I should do, what I know that I am meant to do?! It will not be a piece of cake…

This question brought me to a deeper question – what is to be a good wife, what is to be a good mother?

When we started to raise the kids we were challenged to identify one, one single thing to focus on, which we understood that would make the kids learn all in life…

After a huge reflection we came into a conclusion that this one thing would be discernment – we should teach our kids that they should learn to understand that all decisions in our lives have a consequence – so each step and breath we take, we should be conscious of, and understand that discernment by the end, somehow means that either you can bring darkness or light to each place you are, by taking different decisions… …and you can own your life by owing your decisions and being able to make the proper analysis each second, using your discernment…

Well, above all to teach discernment was a basis for them to understand that always, when you take your decisions for a greater good, and have use your discernment correctly; without doubt your whole life ends up falling into place and the Universe, God, the biggest Energy or all together guides you to the right direction…

So… if my husband and I want to teach our kids to have discernment and learn to think always in a greater good, in what would be best for the ones around us, and if I need to be active part of it – what is to be a good wife and a good mother…

I have to walk my talk!

It would be completely out of place to tell them that they have to understand their purpose in life and have a dream and, at the same time, let them see me giving up my own dream in order to do what I-think-that-others-think that is to be a good mother and good wife and be, “timely” speaking, available for my family…

What would I want my daughter to decide if they would ever be in a position like mine?

What would I ask them?

Which would be my conversation with Sasa and Lily?

I have no doubt what would be…

“My love, do your kids learn by what you say or by what you do? Your husband would like you to say say say things to your kids or for you to give them the example of what you really mean by doing a greater good and being a person to bring light whenever you are given the opportunity to do so???”

… and knowing my daughters, I know what would be the answer and I also know what they would do…

If I really want my kids to have discernment enough to choose the light path and take all opportunities the universe will give them to do so, they should be able to see from their mother, what I do when the opportunities appear and how I handle it…

…so, I thank from the bottom of my heart the lesson you are giving me Adriana… your journey to Heaven has shown me that, if I would have only 3 years more in my life I would like to give the example to my kids of what does it really means to live for a greater good, I would like to be there for them, and transform these 3 years in beautiful moments where they would remember why we are here in life and that I would never ever have regretted have lived the life God send me to live….

God bless you Adriana and know that you have reached lives that you might not even imagine, God guide your kids and husband so they will find the comfort in doing good things in their life on your behalf…

I will miss hearing from you…

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India – first month_infinite possibilities

IT7A0608 copy

The first month had gone like one second, and the soul feels like it has been one year, so familiar, so warm…

India has this mix, where one can live opposites in the same moment, where the impossible is possible, where there is no one life, but many in one, where the dark is not something itself, but the absence of light, where the bad is not one whole something, but the absence of good, but all is there, and you choose what you want, but the true – there is too much light, too much good, too much everything…

No expectation could have been so beautifully met, taking all senses in consideration.

It is amazing how India has this power of having so beautiful people with so infinite possibilities and so much humility, eyes looking and trying to figure out what is out there to learn, waiting for the possibility to connect with something inside that always exists, something bigger, something beautiful.

India is like an ocean of infinite possibilities which can be seen if you turn on the right light at the right moment, and when the light is turned off, still the infinite possibilities are there, just waiting for the right person to arrive at the right place on the right moment. …or the right connection among right people to happen so the right flow of energy is released and magic happens, the light is turned on and this channel to this ocean of infinite possibilites is opened!

I am blessed that I could experience already once the huge energy of this moment happening, I have been honored with the possibility of being on the right moment at the right place, of arriving now in Mumbai, with this team…. …and on several moments, I felt this bliss happening, seeing different people’s soul smiling because there was something bigger happening, something like an union of the present moment with the emerging beautiful future moment raising right in front of us, which we have been able to capture because our connection was there, the souls opened and united to make a difference.

We are all human beings and we are all not perfect, at the same time, we all have something very special, something different, something which can be complemented by each other. The magic happens when we discover that we have to let it go of ourselves and we have to find this something special inside others, and when each one finds the something special in each other and thank the other, honor the special Being in the other, there is a completeness that emerges, because we are one, and this one is the perfection!

… and this is only the beginning, somehow it scares a little as the bar is set so high with this first experience, that I feel like indeed there is an ocean of infinite possibilities inside each one of us, together being very very big, and opening it brings also a huge responsibility, as many can benefit from it, who today would not have the chance… For this I am very grateful to be where I am and that whatever we do, can indeed have an impact, the one I was waiting for, the one I was asking to be able to connect to since long ago…

The only thing that I can promise to myself is to be loyal to my own purpose and my family’s, to make a difference in any country we are blessed to have the opportunity to live, and to try our best to make the lives of the ones close to us, brighter and with more sense of purpose to make this world each day a better place for ourselves!

I am really glad for having been in Venezuela the last 5 years, PHD on really living for a purpose, independently of the challenge you face, sticking to what is more noble and having to remember each second what is a greater good, I had wonderful masters, hundreds of gurus within my team and around the country – I am ready to embark in a journey where my PHD can be used to the further fulfill my purpose!!

Someone from Venezuela told me a phrase while congratulating me for the appointment in India “There is no casualties, only causalities!!!” could not agree more….

(Thanks Shilpika and Sonal for the beautiful picture!)

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Leading & Parenting; coaching & raising children – same purpose, make human being happy, make human being ready to decide by their own!

This week I read a very nice article in Facebook from O Globo, Brazilian newspaper.

It went about the importance of the father (I read parents….) influence on the performance of their children in the corporate world.

This made me go back to the day I decided to be mother and how much I had to plan clearly how I would do it. My children came to me “raised”, with an age which was very important to prioritize what I wanted to teach them, since I did not have time enough as other mothers. While other mothers would have 6, 7 or 9 years to build up the values and principles in their children, I had, for my eldest, only 3 years before the phantom of teenager would start to hunt, then no time, no dedication would be enough to bring up him to what I truly believe would be the path of happiness.

To do this, to start raising 3 children coming to us at ages of 6, 7 and 9 I had to go back to my leadership trainings, beliefs and all my General Manager experience (do not be scared, if you analyze, being a true GM is being parent, but the good one, the one who teaches how to fish and does not bring the fried fish…).

The solely thing I have in my soul about leading people is that I really want them to be happy, not happy funny, but happy from the soul, happy with satisfaction of doing good deeds, happy of being able to take decisions with discernment, happy of seeing that their decisions bring the expected consequences, happy of understanding that their life have a purpose, and this purpose fits with their work!

Well, here it goes – I decided to prioritize 2 things in raising my children:

  1. Discernment to understand that all decisions will have consequences will impact all around you, and it is your responsibility to know them before going further
  2. Your happiness and state of mind will depend solely on you and this will determine your future, and this will be a consequence mainly on how your will take your decisions in life

So, discernment and attitude, these are the priorities.

Interesting enough, these are EXACTLY the qualities I look in a professional when I want to hire them to help me to be better leader, to deliver results and to build an amazing team….

If this is what one looks in a person to be part of your team, why don’t we ourselves focus the education of our children on these characteristics clearly?

Well, to hire someone who had the luck to have parents to raise them correctly and then you just have to lead them and take leverage their best is easier than doing the job of raising someone yourself…

I promise – it can be done, but Gosh…., you must be very conscious since it does not matter how many times you repeat something, your children will do what you do, not what you tell them to do, your example is shout to your face when you expect the least and your children just act as you do…. So if you want perfect children, you have to be perfect yourself. …

…hmmmm but isn’t it the same for leadership???? Your team is your mirror, isn’t it??

Yes, leading and parenting is the same!

I had this so clear, but I thought it was just in my specific case, and as everything in my life, a sign came to tell that I am in the right direction, the O Globo article has opened my eyes and has reinforced my belief that I have just to coach my children, being open, honest and mainly leaving the decision of everything to them, but not letting them do what they want, but always putting all the right questions in their head so they can answer correctly and can identify all the consequences of different decisions!

Some of the tools we use;

Notebook of reflection:

Every time the kids do something wrong, instead of telling what they did wrong, we ask them to go to their notebook, write about what they have done, what the consequences are and if they would have the chance, what would they do differently – this has worked hugely, since they themselves come to us sometimes, with their reflection done and ask for our feedback. And sometimes we ask them to go back to the notebook and observe how many times they have already written about something, this works so well!

Family meeting request right:

When one of them want to share something they learnt or some of them want to ask for help of the other, they ask for the family meeting before praying and meditating at night, the person shares her/his issue and each one has one turn to tell what he/she would do in the other’s place and why. This has helped the kids to open up and to be afraid to open their doubts and mistakes, and has helped them to see feedback as a true help!

What is the impression you have given?

Many times when they do something that is not good, we call for a oral reflection and we ask them, what is the impression you have given, or, if you were the other person, how would you see yourself? Is this how you would like to be seen? If not, how should you have acted??

We do lots, lots of talk with the children, and basically we talk as adults, we do believe that they understand, and believe me, whatever you believe your children are, they will be – if you think they are brats, horrible teenager, they will act so, but if you tell them, that you believe them, that is the reason you are trusting and expect responsibly and honesty as return, you will have…

Either this is the right conclusion, or we are the luckiest parents in the world, or the best ones in the world, and I tend to believe that it is a mix of having the best children as well as doing our best to be good parents!!!!!

All in all these last 3 years I learnt to be a better leader thanks to my children and I have learned to be a better mother thanks to my team in Venezuela!! Being a leader and a mother is EXACTLY the same, the efforts, the expectations, the happiness, the return and the satisfaction, and sometimes also some stress!!!!