About me…


I am a mother of 3 children, wife of a great husband, blessed to have a brother and a sister who are more than just family, they are my safe harbour.

My mother was my gurui – she was the one who taught me about life, about love and about finding wisdom. She made me understand that this world is not only what we see, but if you feel if, you will start to figure out that there is much more. I learned from her to always see opportunities where people used to see problem, and to be sure that you will never miss a positive side of something… if you do not see, please, pay more attention…

My father taught me that I should, I must, always aim high, if I want to do something, better be something I will be the best. He taught me that being persistent, putting effort in everything you do is basic, nothing comes for free, being intelligent is not what we should wish for, but being dedicated, committed, yes – this is how we want to be seen… From him I learned that you can only be fulfilled if you do what you love and you love what you do, a profession is not a phase of your life, you will not be “something” when you grow up, you were born being something. When you grow older, you do not retire from your profession, you learn more and more and you are your profession and it will bring you to be your “old version”, but you can not retire from yourself…

Venezuela is my 6th country after leaving my country, Brasil in 1999.

I have spent great part of my life working with the pharmaceutical industry, since 1994.

I have friends, true friends around the world, I learned that being different is good, I like different, all countries I have arrived, I felt different, and I saw everything different, so I learnt that comparing is not worth, since as much different as a country, a person or anything is, bigger the learning you will have.

Change has been part of my life always.

I am not a traditional person, neither am I a modern person.

I do love nature, I love warm weather – I have faith, lots of faith, in humanity, in countries, in our inner power…

What I like most about my profession is that 99% is dealing with people, getting their potential, learning to deal with different personalities, I love people, even when they appear in its most challenging version.

I do get mad, nervous and sad when I can not handle something, despite of my zen atittude and positive thinking – then I remember “WHAT IRRITATES YOU IS NOT THE FACT, WHAT IRRITATES YOU IS THE PERSPECTIVE YOU HAVE ABOUT THE FACT, YOUR JUDGMENT OR CRITICISM OF IT…”

Then I remember how much love we have inside and I try to change my perspective…


5 replies to About me…
  1. Feliz aniversário Lara!

    India seventh after Brazil
    Caring for people, always will
    Lara on this special day
    Many Happy Returns, we say!

    Thomas and the Team

    Thomas Fernandez
    Principal Consultant
    Ray & Berndtson
    PSS Group


    India: 206, Prabhadevi Estate, VS Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, India 400025.

    Singapore: Suntec Tower 3, #42-01, 8 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038988 EA License No. 16S8047 Registration No. R1218306 Website: psssingapore.com

    Direct +91-22-66697214
    Cell +91-9833921505
    Email: ThomasFernandez@rayberndtson.com
    website: http://www.rayberndtson.com

    Leading International Executive Search Firm


  2. Very good …inspire mi ..doing new thing
    .and always be positive…..
    Mam if we in contact there is some what good thing in happen in life …personally if you come in nashik contact mi ..i meet you with my gurudev. 9373061286 my contact no
    ..my english is not perfect like you …so sorry any mistake from mi


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